Anti-Boeing Trolls -VS- Me

Anti-Boeing Trolls -VS- Me

Hello everyone and welcome!   This podcast was supposed to be a bonus podcast but instead I thought it needed to be said sooner rather than later..  

Why does social media and the ignorant make false claims, spread bad information and hate on those of us who dare tell the TRUTH?  Why do Anti-Boeing trolls hesitate or deflect when told facts and why do they get so upset when those living in reality put them in their place?  What do they have to gain and what do they have to loose?  After the 777 Air France flight AF11 'incident' overseas, it got worse. ** And BTW, turns out the preliminary investigation shows NOTHING WRONG with the aircraft making the Anti-Boeing trolls ever more sour! ** 

There is so much bad aviation information out there.  Who can you trust and who can you not?  Well, I break it down for you in another one of my famous, 'passionate' explanations.  Tune in! 

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