As an A/P mechanic going on 15 years having worked on the largest and most complex aircraft in the world, I can tell you 100% that airlines and aviation companies roll the dice. The reality of the industry can be surprising and even scary.  Toxicity , retaliation, MONEY, greed ... all these trump safety in our industry. No seriously;  When you see those airlines commercials and social media posts, all those are purposed to give you the warm and fuzzies. 

Many airlines and aviation companies have departments with folks devoted to doing nothing but to put a positive spin on everything. Especially when something goes awry!  These same corporations have plans in place for the worse and if you think for one minuet that your life or the lives of your loved ones are at the forefront.  Your flat wrong. 

I've met these wolves, I've spoken to them point blank and when they see that I have an unwavering commitment to SAFETY, I am laughed at.  

The time had come for me to start a podcast exposing the TRUTH about the industry, explaining what you DO NOT KNOW and what you NEED to know while sharing the inside truth of what goes on day to day in life of an aircraft mechanic. I am an advocate for every good aircraft mechanic out there, its not just turning a wrench. It's a great responsibility. 

So before your quick to yell or scream at an aircraft mechanic arriving at your aircraft to fix it, take a moment and think about what these guys and gals go through.  Its literally a split between "DO I do the right thing and get fired?: -Or- "Do I do the wrong thing and keep my job?" 

I talk about the toxic and unsafe culture that aircraft mechanics REALLY deal with. Others put a positive spin on the industry while I give you the FACTS.  The very things that airlines and aviation companies DON'T want you to know.  These airlines and their goons have tried shutting down my podcast to no avail, I'm here to stay and so is the TRUTH! 

Prepare yourself. The rabbit hole goes deep, the shenanigans are out of this world.  Join me as I give you an inside look into the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of Aviation Maintenance.

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