The Good the Bad and the Ugly: The Aviation Maintenance Industry - PODCAST!

Bryan 'Wheelz' Bryan 'Wheelz' Host

As an A/P mechanic going on 15 years, I've worked on the largest and most complex aircraft in the world. But the reality of the industry can be surprising and even scary. I talk about the toxic and unsafe culture that aircraft mechanics REALLY deal with. The very things that airlines and aviation companies DON'T want you to know. Prepare yourself. The rabbit hole goes deep. Join me as I give you an inside look into the GOOD the BAD and the UGLY of Aviation Maintenance. Email:, Twitter: @goodbadugly_ap NEW website is up!


Is "Maintenance" really the reason behind flight delays and cancellations?

Thanks for tuning in everybody!   This episode comes from the 'old archives' and was not previously released but here it is!  In this episode, I'm talking about the increase in flight delays and cancellations being blamed on maintenance and why its happening.   Its not all what it appears...    Here is the two episodes I mentioned:

Special Episode! Interview W/ Pieter Johnson @ 'Xtended Aviation' Podcast!

Hey there everyone!  Thank you for tuning in.  In this TGTBTU Special; I've got the distinct pleasure of being a guest on the, 'Xtended Aviation Podcast'. In this episode I am speaking to Pieter Johnson about the podcast, why I do it and what the premise of TGTBTU is all about!.  What a great time I had speaking with Pieter and I hope to do it again soon!   Check out the 'Xten...

Anti-Boeing Trolls -VS- Me

Hello everyone and welcome!   This podcast was supposed to be a bonus podcast but instead I thought it needed to be said sooner rather than later..   Why does social media and the ignorant make false claims, spread bad information and hate on those of us who dare tell the TRUTH?  Why do Anti-Boeing trolls hesitate or deflect when told facts and why do they get so upset when thos...

2022's first expose'- The Saga of N874AA

Hello and welcome to this, 2022's first expose' podcast! We're talking about the saga of N874AA (I refer to it in the show as "Nine874”) An ex- AA 727 that was donated to the museum of flight in Seattle, WA & ended up in the hands of a museum located in Missouri. It was ultimately scrapped in 2021. But it’s not the scrapping of the aircraft which I found interesting, it's the circumstances surrounding...